When people say, “a white ink tattoo”, they typically mean one that is all white ink.  These are usually much more subtle than a standard coloured or black and white design.  A white ink tattoo usually looks more like a brand (a scar left by pressing a hot metal design into the skin).  Think of it as a way to have a tattoo which is only really visible to the people you deliberately show it to.  This way you could still have a wicked design anywhere you want, without constantly drawing the wrong kind of attention in the work place, or more formal gatherings.

The best white ink tattoos are simple.  Remember, you are working with something that could end up being pretty hard to see.  A simple design has a better chance of showing up clearly.  Popular designs include silhouettes of dragons, key tattoos, hearts, shooting star tattoos and basic tribal designs.  These are much easier for the artist to apply and far less likely to have any snags.  Keep in mind, white tattoos will need at  least a few passes to ensure the finished design is as visible as possible. It is far less likely to be immediately absorbed by skin, than a dark or coloured ink.

With typical tattoos, a stencil is usually used to outline the size, location and design.  The first lines usually start with a dark ink.  This makes a good clean outline so the artist can be sure he’s colouring within the lines. Tattoos without some dark ink generally aren’t as sharply defined.  For this reason, lots of tattoo artists usually are not as comfortable without at least a little black ink.  It is harder to see what you have done so far when using white.  If other inks are used, they can bleed out into the white ink and darken it.

White ink, which is used in these kinds of tattoos, is very different from the base ink seen when shades of a different colour are being mixed. It is a much thicker and higher quality, which is made specifically to stand out more.

Something else to keep in mind is that white ink can lose some of its brightnessif it is constantly exposed to sunlight.  When it comes to a white tattoo, it is highly recommended to get it in an area that will usually be covered when outside.  Consider using your back, chest, or some other area you keep under cover.

Generally, white ink tattoos are done without a stencil more often compared to typical tattoos.  When a stencil is being used, the artist will either make an outline with a purple dye, or your own blood.  These can also end up mixing with the white ink and darken it, or turn it pink.  The safest way to do it, is freehand.  So long as the artist has a good eye and a steady hand, you shouldn’t have a problem with the application.

Those who have darker skin usually can’t get white ink to appear brightly, no matter how many layers are put on.  Some people also might discover they have a reaction. Reactions are more common in white than with black tattoo ink.  Reactions usually involve swelling and itching.  You may want to try asmall sample of white ink in the area you want the tattoo, before getting the full thing.

As with all tattoos, if you don’t take proper care of your new design, you canend up with a faded or miscoloured mess.  So don’t touch the fresh scaring.  Leave the bandage on for at least 2 hours.  Never cover your new tattoo with saran wrap or any other plastic.  Gently hand wash the area with lukewarm water and mild, liquid antibacterial soap.  Don’t use a cloth or sponge.  Don’t use Neosporin and take extra care to keep your new tattoo out of the sun until it heals.

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