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Celtic Tattoo Designs can make extremely complicated body art designs.  If you do decide to get one, make sure the artist in question has experience with similar designs.  Chances are you’ll spend a lot of time admiring your new design, and you don’t want to end up finding a mistake a few days after it is completed.

In order to get a design which shows up clearly, try to ensure the lines in any Celtic knots are at least a quarter of an inch apart.  Celtic knots can be drawn without a beginning or an end.  This symbolizes endlessness, the continuous weaving of life and the spirit realm.  A Celtic knot is a great way to weave around, connect and enhance another design.

The Celtic culture has many patterns, symbols and mythological creatures which can be woven into some breathtaking tattoos.  The most popular of which are Celtic cross tattoos.  On top of being a proud religious symbol, the cross is also believed to be an ancient druidic symbol used to ward against evil.

The Celtic triskel is a tripal spiral which gives the feeling of constant motion and a sense of balance between three equal aspects.  These aspects are usually used to describe the three different Celtic worlds.

  1. The Celestial world – hosts the Gods, Goddesses, sun, moon and the stars.
  2. The Mortal world – holds mankind, animals, and forces of nature.
  3. The Underworld – The realm of death and rebirth.

The interlocking Triquetra tattoo design (also known as the trinity knot) also has three distinct points, and is often used to represent the balance and strength of body, mind and soul.

You may also want to consider adding in an ancient Celtic creature in with your tattoo.  A Gwyllgi is an enormous and spectral dog (usually a Mastiff) used as a fearsome presence in Celtic lore.  For more info on different Celtic creatures and Gods, consider picking up a book or two on the subject.

If you only want a small design, you’ll have to do your best to find simplified knots.

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